The LOVE R3VOLUTION is financed by the LOVE CURRENCY aka MtnHours!

99% of the world’s money is created by private, multi-national, corporate banks as a debt with interest. The money’s value is based upon humanity not the financial elite. Meanwhile, the banksters thrive in abundance while the humanity is suffering in scarcity. Solution? It’s time for humanity to issue its own money.


Why is Hour Money the Love Currency?

1. mtnHours is issued by local, independent businesses owners with their own signature. This demonstrates that human beings are the value which backs up all money. Private banks and their puppet governments have hijacked the “money power” from humanity to finance perpetual war, police state, globalism and corruption.

2. Time is the ONLY commodity which the “have-nots” control. “Time is money” and recognizes the value of all human beings not merely the elite who control gold, silver, powerful computers, central banks and most land.

3. mtnHours is backed by the products, services and “soul power” of those who live in your neighborhood. More people can work in the vocation of the passion and get paid for what they LOVE to do! “Do what you love for a living, and never work a day in your life”

4. mtnHours is FREE for local, indy biz. They issue it themselves just like a restaurant issues gift certificates. There is no need for expensive gold and silver in order to innovate barter.

5. mtnHours is based off Ithaca Hours local currency of Ithaca, NY which was started by Paul Glover in 1991. All government regulatory barriers have been met. HM is barter scrip which has been time tested for hundreds of years.

6. mtnHours is organic and born locally. Just like organic food is superior to privatized, corporate, international GMO; organic money is superior to the privatized, corporate, international petro-dollar.

7. mtnHours issued without debt and interest. If the US had this monetary system, it would have NO NATIONAL DEBT. It would have no bailouts and threats of debt defaults. Detroit would not go bankrupt. Americans would save $400 Billion per year on interest payments which only enrich the elite.

8. mtnHours can be loaned without interest which eliminates 20 years from a 30 year mortgage for the same monthly payment. Benefits: 1. Housing is affordable. 2. People live debt free for a greater portion of their lives. This permits them to explore their own beautiful, unique gifts and do what they love. 3. Interest based contracts cannot be paid by ALL BORROWERS, therefore interest is not sustainable. Interest free lending is sustainable.

9. mtnHours is abundant and only limited by our productivity. We can fix and social problem without private banksters engineered scarcity of money. Productivity not money is the limiting factor.

10. mtnHours can eliminate force, fraud and monopoly in our social contract called “money”. Hour Money simultaneously supports the Non-Aggression Principle(NAP) of the political right. Meanwhile, compassion, commitment and responsibility for social programs is maintained for the political left. Both the left and right are united by removing force and scarcity from our monetary, economic and political system. Peace of mind is what we all seek not perpetual conflict. “Hour Money replaces fear with peace of mind”

We hope you agree that mtnHours is the Love Currency!

Interest fraud expose’

Please watch the following video to understand how interest is the fundamental flaw of our existing monetary solution. And how it’s essential to eliminate interest in order to have a sustainable economic system.

1. Half of all costs for goods and services can be attributed to interest.

2. Interest creates exponential growth of debt which cannot be paid with flat or linear growth in productivity.

3. Interest creates un-payable contracts and defaults. The lender will gradually confiscate all collateral over time. Defaults are guaranteed in a monetary “game of musical chairs”.

4. It’s important to note that the banksters invent the money that we borrow and pay interest. Repeat: when we get a mortgage the bank does NOT loan existing money. It invents new money with our signature on the promissory note. The bank risks nothing while we pay 20 years of interest on a 30 year mortgage. It’s essential to realize the money’s value is based upon the signor not the bank.

5. This is why beautiful Jews, Christians and Muslims each forbid ANY interest/usury/riba for thousands of years. Additionally, philosophers Plato, Aristotle and Cicero warned against usury’s corrupting influence.


A flaw in the monetary system? from MonNetA on Vimeo.